The Career Champions podcast is an initiative of the Career Development Professionals of Indiana. CDPI is dedicated to the advancement of career development by supporting collaboration between career services in higher education, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies. Join us on this journey of discovery as we talk with diverse professionals about their career paths and guiding principles, the ins and outs of career and professional development, the changing nature of work and the workplace, as well as how to guide professional development initiatives.

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Episode 1: 

Explore the transformative world of career development with the CDPI Career Champions podcast, where hosts Jeffry Neuhouser and Danielle Feijoo engage with a diverse range of professionals. In our exciting first episode, discover the concepts of "compassion culture" and "intentional living," as shared by Janice Bankert Countryman, a passionate faculty member at IUPUI. Gain profound insights into career development, self-awareness, and cultivating healthier relationships amidst the evolving workforce. This engaging conversation is a must-listen for those seeking to elevate both their career and personal growth. Join us as we delve into the guiding principles of Janice's work and her implementation of Compassion Culture in our inaugural episode of Career Champions.

Episode 2: 

Embark on an inspiring journey with our second episode of Career Champions featuring Imants Jaunarajs and Tamika Williams from Ohio University! Discover the dynamic intersection of diversity, equity, and belonging within career development. Uncover the transformative power of Brain-Based Career Development, unlocking new dimensions in career coaching impact. Don't miss this insightful dialogue – your roadmap to creating meaningful connections in the world of career development awaits!

Episode 3: 

Dive into the vibrant world of higher education with our third episode of Career Champions, featuring special guest Teresa Lubbers, Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education! Join the conversation as we unravel the insights from her recent Indiana State of Higher Education address. Explore the transformative journey of higher education becoming more student success-focused, and delve into the profound impacts of programs like 21st Century Scholars on Hoosier students' access to higher education. Tune in for a riveting conversation that explores the future of higher education and beyond!

Episode 4: 

Ready for more captivating insights? Don't miss the second part of our compelling conversation with Teresa Lubbers, Indiana Commissioner for Higher Education, in the fourth episode of Career Champions! Explore pressing topics like college affordability, debunk skepticism surrounding higher education, delve into Teresa's top reading recommendations, and gain profound perspectives on her journey as a woman in politics and higher education. Tune in for an engaging dialogue that transcends boundaries and ignites thought-provoking discussions!

Episode 5: 

Step into the world of transformative insights in our fifth episode as we welcome Niki Messmore, the Director of Medical Service Learning at Indiana University School of Medicine! Uncover the profound impact of trauma-informed care as a model within career development, exploring its integration into daily practices. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, discover actionable ways to infuse social justice, advocacy, activism, and equity into your career development endeavors. Recorded in the spring of 2022, this episode promises a fresh perspective and empowering discussions that resonate beyond the confines of traditional career narratives.

Episode 6:

Delve into the insightful season finale of Career Champions with our sixth episode featuring Joe Testani, Deputy to the President at the University of Rochester! In this engaging dialogue, discover the powerful potential of career development as a tool for social justice, transforming the economic and social mobility of underrepresented students. Joe, formerly the Associate Vice Provost for Career Education Initiatives, shares his perspectives on seamlessly integrating career education into an institution's academic framework. Don't miss this enriching conversation where we explore strategies to support transfer students and unlock new dimensions of impactful career development!

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