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  Karley (she, her, & hers) works as the STEM    Career Consultant in University College at        IUPUI. Through this role, she assists      college students in discovering who they are,    understanding where they are going,        and co-designing paths they may take to get    there. 

  In her freetime, you can find her walking the    Monon trail or planning her next travel      adventure.

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Mariana Glover
Director of Digital Communications

 Mariana has been in higher education for         over 15 years. She had the opportunity to       serve in different areas such as admissions,     student life, academic and career advising.     She is currenltly a Career Coach at Indiana     Tech. She is also responsible for managing       the Career Lab training and managing 10       student employees. In addition, she           manages all social media accounts to       continue  the communication with students   and employers. She loves helping students,   and watching them grow into productive   professionals. This is her second year   involved with CDPI.

 Whenever possible, Mariana enjoys escaping   to new places, discovering new cultures,   expanding her perspective, building new   relationships and appreciating life.


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Keely Floyd


  Keely has been involved in higher education  for   more than 10 years, and currently serves as a   lecturer in the Fairbanks School of Public Health at   IUPUI, focusing on coursework related to   professional skill development and internships.     She earned a Bachelor's Degree in music from   DePauw University, and a Master's Degree in   higher education from the University of   Connecticut, She has held previous positions in   college admission, internship development, and   career services, and is serving her first   term as   President Elect for CDPI.     

 Outside of work, Keely enjoys spending time with   her husband and their new baby boy, running on   the Monon Trail, and playing French horn in   ensembles throughout the Indianapolis area. 

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Sally Saydshoev

Director of Member Services

  Sally has been in higher education for 8 years,    starting her experience in Housing and              Residence Life. For the last 4 years, she has        worked in Career Services as the Career and      Internship Coordinator and now Director of        Career Services at Indiana University East in      Richmond, IN. She enjoys helping students        pursue their goals professionally and being a      part of their college journey. She has been a      member of CDPI for a number of years              attending the annual conference and serving      on the conference planning committee.

  Outside of work, she truly enjoys spending        time with her family. She also likes to                be outdoors hiking, playing sports,                    and kayaking.

  She looks forward to serving on the CDPI        Board and working with all of the              members of CDPI.

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 Kristine Schuster 


 Kristine is the Assistant Director of Career   Services for the O’Neill School of Public   and Environmental Affairs at IUPUI. She   started working in career advising in 2014   and joined the O’Neill team in 2016. Kristine   enjoyed getting to know the CDPI   community during her term as President   and is excited to continue contributing to   the organization as Past President.

 She hopes all members know that the   strength of the organization is in the   creativity and collaboration of members and   thanks all of you for making her term as   President so rewarding.

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Lindsey Hojnowski,


Lindsey is serving her first term on the CDPI Board as President-Elect. In this role, she supervises all aspects of conference programming and assists with professional development programming. She currently works as the Associate Director of Employer Services at the Kelley School of Business in Indianapolis.

Kerry Lay

 Internship Program Coordinator

  Kerry began her career at IUPUI as an            intern in 2017 and has worked between          University College and the O’Neill School of    Public and Environmental Affairs since.          Currently, she serves as a Career Advisor      and Adjunct Instructor in the O’Neill School    working with students on all topics relating    to career development. Kerry earned her        Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development      and Family Studies and her Master’s              Degree in Counseling and Career                  Development from Colorado State                  University. She enjoys helping students          realize their dreams and potential as well      as encouraging students to pursue various      professional development opportunities to      build their experience.

  When Kerry’s not at work, you can find her    watching Disney movies, working on              various DIY home projects, eating out at        new restaurants, and spending time with        her husband and critters of the dog and cat    variety.

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Jeffry Neuhouser

Professional Development Coordinator

 Jeffry (they, them, their) is currently a   Doctoral Assistant for the Department of   Educational Leadership at Ball State University,   where they are working on an EdD and   researching career  education, professional   identity development, and career development   curriculum. Before deciding to work on their   doctorate full-time, Jeffry served at Earlham   College for almost 5 years as a career coach   and Assistant Director of Career Education   (during which Jeffry has been active in CDPI),   specializing in developing career education   curriculum and integrating a career   everywhere  model through partnerships with   faculty. Jeffry started their higher education   career as a historian before transitioning into   student affairs to focus on experiential   education and international experiences of   students before serendipitously finding their   way into career development work (where they   are able to continue identifying as an   experiential educator). 

 As the Professional Development Coordinator     for CDPI, Jeffry is excited to work with the   board and members to build professional   development goals, collaborate on planning   effective programming, and support the growth   of career development professionals around   the state of Indiana. This work is exciting   because of the immediate impact on students   through improved coaching and instruction.

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Sam Martin


Sam serves as the Assistant Director for Career Curriculum at Ball State University Career Center. She began her role at the career center in 2016 working as a career coach for students communication, media, fine arts, and design as well as a faculty resource for career curriculum development and integration.

She earned both her undergraduate and master’s degrees in Communication and her doctorate in Adult, Community, and Higher Education, all from Ball State University. Sam loves finding creative ways to create interactive presentations and experiences for both faculty and students. When not working, you will often find her going on adventures with her daughter Maddie and dogs Jack (yorkipoo) and Ollie (border collie mix). This is her first term as Secretary.

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Bryson Maesch


Bryson currently serves as a Career Coach within the Career Coaching and Employer Connections program at Ivy Tech Community College in Hamilton County. Prior to Ivy Tech, he served for two years as the Career Advisor at Indiana Wesleyan University. Bryson earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications from Ball State University and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Leadership at Oakland University.

In his free time, you will most likely find Bryson planning new adventures with his wife, playing with his two cats, or discussing topics like Star Wars, Marvel, or movies in general with his friends.

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