Career Development Professionals of Indiana, Inc. is dedicated to the advancement of the career services profession within Indiana by promoting improved communications and cooperative ventures among the member universities and colleges for the purposes of implementing professional development, employer development, and public relations activities. 


Be the primary connection for professionals, colleges and organizations for career development throughout the state of Indiana.

Core Values of CDPI

  • Professional Development
  • Student-Focused
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Community and Connectedness

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

Career Development Professionals of Indiana, Inc. (CDPI) is committed to the development of all Indiana career services professionals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, generational cohort, ability status, or any other protected status. Through programs and services offered by CDPI, we strive to enact our core values of diversity and inclusion in the following ways:

i.        Recruiting, engaging, and maintaining a diverse body of members across various groups and social identities

ii.      Creating spaces and structured programming at conferences and events that are welcoming, inclusive, and promote interaction, understanding, and dialogue

iii.    Serving as an advocate and educational resource for understanding and addressing issues related to the recruitment, employment, and career development of traditionally marginalized populations

Board Overview

The CDPI board works to advance the career services profession within Indiana by

  • Promoting communication and cooperative ventures among the member universities and colleges
  • Providing professional development including conferences, as well as workshops, events and grants
  • Partnering with employers
  • Offering a public relations campaign to advocate for and market the profession.

CDPI fosters a sense of community, partnership, and collaboration that encourages participants to become better equipped to manage and advocate for their career services office, offer effective career development programming, and to invest in Indiana’s employment future.       

CDPI has grown substantially since its inception in 1996 when a small dedicated group of career services directors decided the field needed its own professional association. Today there are over 500 members and friends of CDPI representing more than 84 colleges and universities throughout Indiana, as well as our employer partners and state agencies.

Each spring and fall dozens of CDPI members attend professional conferences that often include well-known speakers and interactive breakout sessions. The conferences are highlights of CDPI’s programming and offer a chance for exceptional professional development, networking and collaboration at prices that align with restricted budgets.

Additionally, CDPI provides workshops, employer networking events, and a resource rich website for its members. More recently, the organization implemented several new programs – a mentor-mentee program, the INdorsed Career Ready Graduate Program, and a statewide virtual career fair.

Whether you are a member of CDPI, a leader in our state, or just a visitor to our website, the board invites you to become more involved with our association.  Please view the resources below or feel free to contact any board member.  CDPI looks forward to continuing to make a significant impact in shaping Indiana’s career development future and would love to partner with you.

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Career Development Professionals of Indiana

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